Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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I'm a Weekend Splurger & Vega One Review

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As part of Fit Approach and as a Sweat Pink Ambassador I was given the opportunity to review Vega One shakes, a plant-based nutritional shake. They must have known I was a vanilla girl because they sent me a 10-day supply of the shakes. I am always on the search for new shakes because I like variety and tire quickly of the same shake day after day, so I was really excited to give this shake a try. I've tried Isagenix, Shakeology, and countless protein powders before this and my mind was really open to Vega One's plant-based shake.
Before my review, let me tell you about my persona as part of the #OneChange campaign, the Weekend Splurger. I'm really good with my eating habits during the week, but there is always one really, really bad splurge meal on the weekends. You know that meal where it makes you feel like you have undone all the work you put in during the week? For me, that meal usually involves beer, burgers, fries, onion rings, and dessert. I didn't realize this was my persona until I started looking more closely at my eating habits and the pattern I get into on the weekends, especially on those long, hard days of parenthood when all I want is an easy answer for dinner.

One thing that has helped me combat the Weekend Splurger mentality is having a shake for breakfast. That, in a way, sets the tone of the day for me and reminds to me to be more mindful about what I am putting into my body throughout the day. With nutrition and eating, this is my #OneChange this year: have a shake for breakfast and get into the eating healthy mentality first thing. Whatever shake it is, whether it be a Vega One shake or Isagenix, I need to resolve to have a shake so that I am not regretting all my eating choices Sunday night.

Now, on to the Vega One shakes. First time I tried it I had it with a cup of almond milk, a tablespoon of  almond-chocolate spread, and ice. That shake did not impress me. It tasted chalky and like liquid popcorn. The next time I made a shake I made it with a cup of almond milk, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a banana, and ice. Wow! What a difference. This was a shake I could actually drink and enjoy and I found myself thinking about drinking it again. I didn't even bother making any other recipes because I was so in love with this combination. I'm happy I found this combination that I like because now I can add a new shake to my shake mix. Even better, Whole Foods sells the packets of the powder!

I have so many goals and changes this year that it feels good to have this #OneChange set. What will be your #OneChange this year?

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Laura Bridgman said...

i like to mix it with something with texture like banana or avocado to get rid of that gritty taste. i'm a bit fan of the french vanilla.