Thursday, February 7, 2008

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Burton's = Delicious ALL the time!

Finally!! It took my forever to get this post up. But here it is....

We went to have brunch at Burton's Grill a couple of weekends ago. After this meal I think Burton's has solidified itself as one of my favorite restaurants. I could go there for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Their meals are all great. Since it was brunch I ordered myself a mimosa that was the perfect blend of champagne and orange juice. I've been to some places that either put too much or too little champagne. Alex ordered himself some fresh squeezed orange juice and he said it was some of the best he ever had.

I went the traditional route and ordered a breakfast dish while Alex ordered a typical brunch item. But before the main dishes, I just have to mention how cute their pastries were. Our waitress came by with a tray of mini blueberry muffins and croissants and gave us one of each. The muffins were awesome. They were so warm and soft on the inside. The croissants were very flaky and had a sweet glaze.

After eating our mini pastries they brought out the main dishes. Alex had two petite filets, eggs, home fries, and fruit. He said this was the perfect brunch meal because it had steak and eggs; it wasn't just one or the other, it was both. The steaks were cooked to order and were so tender. I think you could have cut them with a butter knife if you wanted to. I also think the waitress or someone had a crush on Alex because he got 3 eggs instead of the 2 the menu said the dish came with. When he was done, I was impressed. He ate everything that was on his dish. He couldn't even believe he had eaten it all. He felt better after he reasoned that he ate it all this food because he hadn't had a real meal in over 24 hours (he had overnight call at the hospital).

I ordered the short stack pancakes. Now this is the kind of false advertisement I like. This was no short stack, it was a huge stack. It's ok if your description isn't completely accurate so long as you build on it and make it better. I'll admit that I was overwhelmed when the plate was set down in front of me. It was a lot of food. I managed to eat a pancake and a half and a plate full of home fries (which were perfectly seasoned by the way). The pancakes were topped with the softest apples in a caramel sauce. This dish made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It was the perfect breakfast comfort food.

I literally cannot wait to go back and try their other menu items (french toast, deviled eggs, and some monkey drink). Actually, I can't wait to go back period.

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