Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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So not OM

As our excitement peaked about going to OM Restaurant we once again headed to their website to look at their menu. Now on the website they have a picture of the steak and egg I mentioned in the previous post, but it's no longer on the menu! Alex even called to confirm that it was no longer on the menu and they told him that after 2 years they decided to remove it. To me that seems like false advertisement to have a picture of an item and not offer it.

Since this was the main reason for us going there, I canceled our reservation. For the steak and egg we were willing to take the train out to Cambridge, but now that they don't have it there really isn't anything on the menu that we could not get in the city. Maybe some day we'll go and check it out.

So now we are going to Bonfire. This is another restaurant the birthday boy has been wanting to go to and I'm glad to finally find out what the big deal is when it comes to Todd English.

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