Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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It's great to be a couple!

After taking Perla (our dog) to get her stitches out on Saturday morning, Alex and I decided that we wanted to check out a bakery we had heard about. The bakery's name was Flour. We had seen this bakery on Food Network's "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" and were enamored with the sticky buns. So off we went to the bakery with the intention of trying said sticky buns. Well, we didn't make it. Well, actually we did make it and even went inside the bakery. But our appetites were much too large Saturday morning for a pastry so instead we went to Mike's City Diner, which was about a block away from Flour.

I absolutely love Mike's City Diner. It's old school. It's exactly what I picture a diner being like. You have to wait in a line to get a table. On really busy days the line is out the door, but it never takes more than 30 minutes. At first I thought we were in for a long wait until I realized that most of the people in line were together. I felt some excitement thinking about how short our wait will be because we are only 2 people! Sure enough, the wait wasn't long and we were quickly on our way to having a great breakfast.

I ordered the "Emergency Room" which comes with pancakes, eggs, sausage/bacon, home fries, and toast. Breakfast is my favorite meal, so I always go all out with it. Alex ordered a side of French toast which to my amazement was too much for him. The food is brought out quickly and the servings are huge!

Every time we go we leave full and happy. We literally spend the whole day talking about how awesome their breakfast is and how we wish we'd go more often.

The only drawback to Mike's is that they only take cash, something about real food costing real money :)

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