Monday, February 4, 2008

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Tonight I'm Craving

I know...I'm horrible. I have yet to post about Burton's Grill but it's hard to do when none of the computers at home have the software for the camera. So instead of writing my posts at home I have to do them at work which has been crazy busy the past few days. But I promise to get it up soon!

The point of this post is talk about what I'm craving tonight: CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!! I tried having a chocolate chip cookie to quench my chocolate craving, but it didn't work. S
o now I am sitting at home watching American Gladiators and craving a piece of PF Chang's chocolate cake. This cake has to be the best cake I have ever had. It's fudgy and served with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream. Notice the 3 hands moving in for some's that good!!

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