Monday, March 24, 2008

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Hello Brasserie Jo

I hadn't made reservations for dinner this past weekend; being sick makes you forgetful. After a day of shopping at the Wrentham outlets, we both wanted a good meal. I picked Brasserie Jo because it was close to the house and we had a good experience there the last time we went.

At first Alex didn't like the waiter because the waiter seemed disappointed that we did not order any drinks (alcoholic). Alex almost always drinks water when we go out. I usually have a drink but because of my cold I wasn't in the mood for alcohol. The waiter eventually won Alex over (at my expense), but more of that later.

My favorite thing about this restaurant is that they bring out a warm loaf of Parisian bread and carrots. The carrots are in some kind of vinegar and herbs concoction and I always eat them all.

As soon as Alex laid his beautiful eyes on 'French Ham Crepe Gratin' he had to have it. I am so glad we ordered it because it was amazing. It was ham and cheese pinwheels and they were delicious. This is the perfect appetizer for cheese lovers because it was covered in melted, ooey-gooey goodness. Alex dubbed it "the best appetizer ever."

Despite bad experiences with lamb, Alex decided to order a lamb steak. After he ordered he was apprehensive about his choice to ask for it medium because he was afraid they would bring out the steak raw. It didn't come out raw, in fact, it came out more cooked than what he had expected. This dish was so good it has changed his previous view of lamb (he wasn't much of a fan). Also, notice the hand. I was lucky I even got this picture.

My dish was perfection. It was the perfect dish for a sick person. I had the roasted chicken with mashed potatoes. The chicken had a great flavor and it was so juicy and tender. I was a little disappointed in myself that I couldn't eat all of it because of how good it was.

Speaking of disappointment...the waiter was disappointed that I didn't eat the whole dish. He came to our table and said he would give me 5 more minutes to finish eating. I was beyond full and couldn't eat anymore. This city eater had to leave room for dessert! Well, one of the other waiters came around and cleared our table. Thank goodness. Or so I thought. Our waiter came back and told me that I cheated. He had given me 5 minutes to finish up my dish and I had it taken away before the 5 minutes had passed. I told him I was saving room for dessert and that I promised to eat it all. Big mistake! Little did I know that the dessert I ordered was the size of Montana. Not really, but it was big. He said that if I didn't eat the whole dessert I'd have to pay for two of them.

So Alex ordered the Crepe Suzette. This is one of his favorite desserts. It's a treat for him every time he gets it. This dessert is basically a crepe flambeed in liquor.

I ordered the crepe with bananas and caramel. I honestly thought it was going to just like Alex's dessert but with bananas on top and caramel drizzled over it all. Little did I know it was going to this huge crepe stuffed with 3 scoops of ice cream and bananas. No wonder the waiter was surprised when I said I'd eat the whole thing. My darling husband, bless his heart, tried to help me eat the dessert. No luck. That monstrosity could only be tackled by an empty stomach. When the waiter came back to see my dismal performance, I told him just that. Alex had a good laugh at my expense and said that "anyone who could make fun of his wife like that, was cool."

Please no pictures. I'm a dessert eating failure.
This was the second time we've gone to Brasserie Jo. I was sick this weekend and wanted to go somewhere that would have comfort food. Alex took a gamble on his dish and it paid off. I almost cost Alex $8.00 that night because of my big mouth. It was definitely a good dining experience.


Colonnade said...

Stephanie, thank so so much for being a guest of Brasserie JO. We loved reading about your experience at Brasserie Jo. You and your guest managed to taste a few of our favorites. The banana caramel crepe is often overlooked which is a terrible mistake.

Wait until you hear about our 10th Anniversary MAY Celebration. It has not been release yet but we will have some spectacular promotions every day of the month of May 2008. How about 10 desserts for $1 each. How's that for thanking our patrons?

Stay tuned as we announce the promotion this week and once again thank you for dining at Brasserie Jo Boston.

Brasserie Jo Boston

Colonnade said...

Ok - Stephanie ... you now have the information Pre-Release....

Top 10 Reasons for Visiting Brasserie JO in May?

1.Sundays: Brunch for $19.98 per person and a complimentary cupcake station.

2.Mondays: Chef station with complimentary crepes made to order

3.Tuesdays: a selection of 10 desserts for $1.00 each

4.Wednesdays: Complimentary cheese course

5.Thursdays: $1.00 bar menu and $10.00 entrees

6.Select wine list of 10 wines from 1998 to celebrate the year of our opening

7. Friday and Saturdays: special regional pairing menus with wine for $19.98 per person

8. Wear a beret anytime throughout the month and receive a free gift card

9.All martinis are 10 ounces and $10.00 throughout the month of May

10.Enter to win a 3 night stay in Paris – no purchase necessary

Brasserie Jo Boston