Thursday, March 6, 2008

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Where Have you Been the Past 3 Years?

I am a bad blogger! Not only have I not posted in a few weeks now but I have no pictures to share. Please forgive me ;-)

Two weekends ago we ventured out to the 'burbs. I took advantage and used my new blackberry (I broke my old phone the day hub's got into an accident) to guide us there. It was so much better having the directions on my phone than on a print out.

Anyway, we went to Arlington to eat at Tango. This is an Argentinian restaurant with a real Argentinian feel. It's a very lively restaurant and it's flowing with some of the best sangria I have ever had. We got there on time and checked in with the host. I don't know what it is I said, but the host immediately picked up on it and started talking to me in Spanish. Normally I am shy about speaking Spanish but the host was so nice and reminded me of some of my favorite people in Miami that I couldn't help but speak Spanish. From that point on everyone spoke to us in Spanish. One cool detail they had which we loved is that they had silly Spanish sayings framed on the walls. One of them was about being handsome or something and we immediately thought of Alex's father (special shout out to Manny!). Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture but I'm sure when the in-laws come up we'll be taking them there.

So we have a seat and they bring out bread. Alex was confused because there was no butter, but I think they do this so you can try their chimichurri sauce. Oh.My.God. The chimichurri sauce is soooo good. I've had quite a few chimichurri sauces in my life and this one was the best. Yum!

We started off with empanadas and steak/egg/pepper appetizers. The empanadas were really good. It reminded me of home and all the little Colombian bakeries I used to love going to with my mom. The steak/egg/pepper appetizer was an egg wrapped in steak wrapped in red and yellow peppers with some kind of cream sauce. It was good but not as good as the empanadas.

Since this is an Argentinian restaurant and Argentina is famous for their churrasco, I did the unexpected. I ordered a churrasco.Usually I order seafood since this isn't something I cook at home, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity. Even Alex was surprised that I got it. I don't regret getting the steak either. It was tender and it had a nice grilled taste to it. Add the chimichurri sauce and it was amazing.

Dessert was absolutely the best part of this meal. If you ever want to know what heaven tastes like, you need to go to Tango and order their "Panqueque con Dulce de Leche." This is a crepe filled with dulce de leche and wow, was it delicious. This has to be one of the best desserts we have ever had. Pure heaven.

I cannot wait to go back here. Food was great, drinks were awesome, and the staff felt like home. It had a very familiar feel to it and it was nice to feel that up here.

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