Monday, March 24, 2008

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Restaurant Week Dinner

We went to Azure for Restaurant Week this year. This restaurant is located in the beautiful Lenox Hotel. As soon as we walked through the revolving doors we were like, "wow, this is beautiful." The hotel and restaurant have a very relaxed, yet glamorous feel.

We were seated promptly and decided to get some drinks. I ordered the Pomegranate martini and it was soo good. You could barely taste the alcohol in it although you felt it. Alex was adventurous and ordered the infused tequila. It was supposed to be infused with mango, lime, and pineapple and although it had a hint of it that I could taste, Alex couldn't taste anything other than tequila.
The menu for Restaurant Week was great. This has to have been the most extensive menus I have ever seen for Restaurant Week. Most restaurants give you a choice between 2 or 3 items, but here you had a nice selection of items. For the appetizers we ordered 'Crab Taquitos' and 'Thinly Sliced La Quercia Prosciutto.' The taquitos were really good. They had a good amount of crab in them and were nice and crispy. What really made this dish for me was the guacamole. The guacamole was delicious; it was creamy, light, and lemony. The best part (for me) was that it had no other veggies in it. I don't like guacamole with tomatoes or onions in it.
You can never go wrong with prosciutto and melons. Alex ate that appetizer quicker than I have ever seen him eat anything before.
For the entrees Alex ordered the 'Grilled Hanger Steak' and I ordered the 'Baked Sole.' At first glance Alex was disappointed with his dish because of the portion size. His actual response was "Are we in the South End?" That's how small he felt his portion was. He felt they gave him enough mashed potatoes but not enough meat. Although it was a good dish, he would have liked more steak.
My dish was good at first. The fish was placed on top of mashed potatoes and everything was covered with a mint bearnaise sauce. The sole was very soft and full of flavor. It was rolled up and had onion in between the layers. The reason why I say that it was good at first is because at one point the bearnaise sauce became overwhelming. It was too sweet. I ended up not finishing the fish because of how sweet the sauce was.
Dessert was fun. Alex ordered the 'Mango Creme Brulee' and I ordered the 'Mexican Chocolate Cake.' The creme brulee was just what you expect out of a creme brulee. It was a creamy custard with a hard sugary crust. You really couldn't taste the mango in it (it was very subtle) but it was still good.
The chocolate cake is exactly what I expected it to be. Before it came out I told Alex that I wouldn't be surprised if it had mole in it. The cake had a kick to it and it sent your taste buds going with all the spices.

Overall, the restaurant was good. They seemed to have a lot of fun with the ingredients they use. It's a beautiful location. I would really like to go back and try their regular menu.

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