Sunday, March 9, 2008

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Sel de la Terre = Carb Heaven

Warning: No pictures again!!

We switched things up a bit this past weekend and went out to dinner on Friday night instead of Saturday night. We have known about Sel de la Terre for a while because we would pass by it whenever we went to the Faneuil Hall area. It wasn't until a month or so ago that we decided we wanted to check it out. So I went to OpenTable to check out what reservations were available. The downtown location requires you to leave credit card information when making a reservation and since I don't feel comfortable with that I made the reservation for the location at the Natick Collection. This was great because the Natick Collection is our favorite mall up here.

This Sel de la Terre location is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like a beach house on the inside with all the white wood and tables and chairs. Our waiter was so nice and he knew exactly what to do to make us feel special. He kept running to the kitchen to check for new breads to bring out to us....he must have known that we are bread people! I don't remember all the breads that were brought out but the most interesting ones were an olive bread and a fig bread. As I ate the olive bread I wondered if James Bond would like it ;-)

I had the French kiss martini which tasted like a spiked strawberry soda. I knew it must have been a tough week because even Alex had a drink.

For the appetizer I got the potato leek soup with shrimp. This soup was creamy and perfect for the winter. The shrimp in it were huge and had a crispy, fresh taste to them. Alex ordered their flatbread pizza. This pizza was topped with chicken, Gouda, and goat's cheese. Alex + cheese = happy husband.

For the entree I ordered their mahi mahi. The fish was so delicious! It was tender and cooked to perfection. Alex ordered their steak frites and rosemary fries. He said it was the best steak frites he'd ever had because the steak came in some kind of sauce (an au jus perhaps?). Noticing a trend yet? I eat fish and Alex eats steak when we go out.

My favorite part of the meal was the dessert. I had initially ordered the creme brulee but they ran out and instead offered me a chocolate fondant cake. I am so happy they ran out of the creme brulee because this dessert was divine! It was basically a chocolate lava cake and the insides were oozing perfection. Alex ordered their white chocolate parfait. This dessert was layers of chocolate and raspberry topped with homemade whipped cream . Alex said it was good but that he was in the mood for something more bitter. He did eat it all though.

It was a great dinner and a nice way to end an extremely stressful work week. We even got the scoop on the restaurants opening up in the new Mandarin Oriental this summer.

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Cara said...

I've been there too and really enjoyed it. I went for brunch though, I am looking forward to trying it for dinner after your review!