Monday, May 12, 2008

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The Blue Room

We went to Cambridge again this weekend for dinner. We actually walked to Cambridge and it was pretty amazing. It was such a beautiful day and the walk into Cambridge is beautiful since you walk over the Charles River and get a great view of all of Boston.

The Blue Room
is like a 5 minute walk from the Kendall/MIT red line stop. I was a little shocked because it was so dead. Alex and I were the only two souls on the streets. This was a big contrast to all the activity that we were surrounded by when we went to Harvard Square the prior weekend. The restaurant is nestled in what can best be described of as a shopping center. It is a beautiful restaurant with an open kitchen and shades of brown and red. This restaurant has two sides that are divided by the bar; a lively side and a quiet side. When we walked in I was hoping we would get a table on the lively side but instead we were seated on the quiet side. As soon as we sat down Alex asked me, "Do you notice anything?" and I replied "Yeah we are on the old side." I hope I don't offend anyone, but the side we were seated in was definitely an for older crowd. We were the youngest people on that side. This was the side you ask to be seated in if you are a grandparent or if you are taking your adult child out to dinner. This is not the side to be seated at if you are in your mid-twenties and are trying to have a fun night out with your significant other.

Aside from where we were seated we had a great meal. We both ordered the same drink and, while I liked it, Alex could have done without it. The drink was described as a cocktail, but it came in a martini glass. Maybe this is my ignorance speaking, but shouldn't martinis be the only drinks served in martini glasses? The drink was a tequila infused with pineapple and coconut. I love tequila so I enjoyed the drink. Alex is a vodka man, so he wasn't impressed.

For the appetizer we ordered the wood grilled pizza. Apparently the toppings change nightly and on Saturday the toppings were an assortment of vegetables and asiago cheese. Since we aren't big vegetable eaters we asked if the pizza can be made with just cheese to which we were told that it could be made with just cheese and that it was called a "kids pizza." So on top of feeling like the kids in the section we were seated in, we were ordering food made for kids. Awesome! The pizza was great though. The cheese was melted and the crust was charred and grilled to perfection.

As an added bonus, they brought us mini crab cakes. It was compliments of the chef since it was our first time dining at The Blue Room. I love restaurants that do this because it makes the dining experience so much more enjoyable. I also feel that it exudes a certain amount of confidence and that these restaurants are really concerned with building a clientèle that will come back again and again.

Alex order the Cassoulet and thought it was great. At first he thought he wasn't served enough but any dish that contains pork, duck, sausage, beans, and bread crumbs is sure to fill. Note: this picture doesn't do the dish justice.

I ordered the shrimp and chorizo skewers and OMG they were delicious. They shrimp and chorizo were marinated in a spicy lemon sauce that was to die for. If it wasn't completely inappropriate I probably would have licked my plate dry. It came with a fried yucca that was pretty good too (good considering I don't like yucca).

We were intrigued by the dessert that was supposed to be a cream cheese flan on a graham cracker crust. While the dessert was very good it had the consistency more of a cheesecake than a flan.

The Blue Room was a great restaurant with great food...just make sure to get seated on the lively side! ;-)

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