Monday, May 26, 2008

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Sometimes People Suck...

Blake from Blake Makes had a giveaway of Amano Artisan Chocolate not too long ago. I was one of the lucky ones that posted in time to get a free set of chocolates. Unfortunately, Amano sent the chocolate out by FedEx. I tried calling FedEx to set up some kind of pick up but their customer service sucks, especially when something is sent home delivery. On the third attempt the chocolate was supposedly left, but when I came home the chocolate was no where to be found. I'm assuming someone took the chocolate or maybe it just wasn't delivered...who knows. I was so disappointed and spent the night dreaming about the day that we don't have to live in an apartment building or under a management company that refuses to accept packages for their residents. I hope that whoever took the chocolate was at least able to enjoy it with a guilt-free conscious or that they were able to bake something incredible with it.

This is what the goods look like in case you see someone with them who looks suspicious ;-)

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art said...

Hi. This is Art from Amano. I'm really sorry to hear that you had problems with FedEx and that your package disappeared. I'd love to send you some more chocolate. It is pretty incredible and it would really be a disappointment if you don't get to try any.

Do you have an alternate address that we could use? We could send it to you at work or to you care of a friend for example. Please shoot me an e-mail at: and we'll get it set up!