Sunday, April 24, 2011

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Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter holiday and that you are celebrating it with those nearest and dearest. Today we will be heading over to my in-law's and I made a Banana Rum Cake (messed up the recipe, but what's new?) for the meal. I had a little fun with Cati's Easter pictures this year; she has pictures I took and a picture with the Easter Bunny. 

The Easter Bunny was quite an ordeal because Cati was not feeling him at all. She was all smiles and happy-baby when she was far away from him but the minute I set her on his lap she would start crying. We tried three times and gave her breaks in between to get comfortable but it was no use. I had to chose between her crying and her trying to run away. While the crying pictures were great and hilarious, I wanted something where you could actually see her face and how much she has changed since last year's picture.
Cati Easter

Isn't it amazing that the child above is the same as the child below? My, how time flies and my, how my baby has grown.
 Easter 2010


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Desi said...

Cati is SOOOOO cute in her bunny ears and Easter dress! And yes she has grown so much in this short year!