Sunday, April 17, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

We've hit a break through this week. Actually two! Three of Cati's four top teeth finally broke through and she looks so cute with little teeth on the top. It's impossible to get pictures of those teeth because she has this aversion to me looking in her mouth. She had been teething for the longest time and it had been a solid three months since her last tooth broke through and now this week three came out and the fourth one is right under the gum. What amazes me the most is how well she took the pain. Maybe this was why she gave up one of her naps?
Either way, the second breakthrough has come in the form of figuring out a new routine now that she is only napping once a day. Someone had mentioned pushing up her lunchtime and then having her nap after lunch. I tried this earlier in the week and it has worked like a charm and Cati is now napping about two hours in the middle of the day. The only downside is that this routine only works if we are at home because if we are out and she naps in the car, then that one nap, however long it is, is enough for her. Regardless, I feel so much better about figuring her out and reading her needs better.

Other than that, these are the fun developments this week:

Sensational Curiosity. The world really is such a fascinating place for Cati and I was reminded of that when I took her to the beach. She was fascinated by the sand and explored it the feel of it with her hands, feet, and even mouth.
Ticklish. Cati is ticklish! Or at least she is when she's in a good mood. You tickle her under her arms or her belly or legs and she busts out laughing. I love her little giggles!

Unscrewing tops. Can I get an "uh oh"? Either she's a smart baby or just really persistent. At the end of the day, this means we are in trouble. She will sit down with items and work on them until she has figured out how to get the top off.

Curls, curls, and more curls. Cati's hair has gotten sooo long. I can't get over how much it has grown in the past few months. It has also gotten pretty curly and my favorite is when she gets that Superman curl. 

Helpful baby, sort of. Cati is definitely getting to that age where she's becoming a little helper. This week she started putting her dirt diapers in the bathroom trash. She will take it out again but this is a step forward! Now she just needs to learn things in the trash stay in the trash.

Dancing Machine. We can't get over how much Cati likes to dance. She sways and bounces, and now she even does little circles. The best, however, is when she's strapped in the car seat or in her stroller and she dances to the music by moving her from side to side.

Categorizing things
. I would love to take a peek into Cati's brain and see how she organizes the world around her. This week I got a snippet of a view when I noticed her organizing her food and keeping them separate from one another. I first noticed this with breakfast when Cati kept moving her eggs away from her pancakes whenever the eggs got mixed up with the pancakes.

Another week in motherhood is done and now that I've figured out our new normal I am ready for the next week. It also helps that I have these beauties to remind me of the awesomeness of love:
They also remind me of the how flowers really are the only way to suck up sometimes.

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Desi said...

omg I love her curls! She is going to be so beautiful when she grows up! (she already is of course, but I mean as a teen and adult) :)