Sunday, April 3, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

Cati has become much more active in the world around her, especially in the little everyday things. For instance, when we are upstairs and getting ready to go downstairs she will try to pick up Perla because she knows that I always carry Perla down. Another example comes with diaper changes and Cati trying to wipe herself. A last example comes with bathtime and Cati not only trying to fill up the cup with water to pour on herself but also putting water in her hair to wash it. It's so interesting to me to see the things she picks up and tries to do herself.
One new development that has us a little nervous is her sofa climbing. We line up her bigger toys along the wall next to the sofa and her Mickey plane toy is the cause of our concern. You see, Cati will climb onto the plane, stand, and then use the added height to climb on the sofa. She knows how to get down and gets down safely 95% of the time because she is paying attention and aware of the edge, but 5% of the time she either slips or miscalculates and lands hard on her hands. She'll cry for a minute but then remembers the fun of climbing onto the sofa and the process repeats itself.
Cati now knows what her head is. All my obnoxious renditions of "head shoulders knees toes" have paid off. So now Cati knows head, belly, belly button, and feet. She kind of understands what her ears are and I say kind of because if I ask about her eyes she points to her ear. I blame that on my annunciation more than her comprehension though.  She also knows the hand motion of open-close to "Twinkle Twinkle."
Teething is happening at such a furious rate this week. Cati has to have something in her mouth at all times. She's been a little difficult to feed, but considering the discomfort caused by three teeth coming in at the same time, I'm surprised she's even eating at all. I feel bad for her because the edges of her mouth are constantly red and irritated from all the saliva and friction caused by whatever she's putting in her mouth.
The cutest moment of the week is toss up between her dancing to the Macarena at 8:30am and her walking around the house with Mr. Snowman. The girl must have the best music playing in her head because she will grab almost anything and try to dance with it.
I've already vented my frustrations this week here and here so let's just say I'm ready to embrace a new week. I want to thank those who commented on my last post because you have really helped me to feel less alone. I Sing in the Kitchen, you hit the nail on the head when you said, "I'm no longer sleep deprived, but am often emotionally exhausted by the responsibility and the constant demands of raising children." Mothers are truly special and amazing creatures.

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