Friday, April 29, 2011

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Thoughts & Prayers Needed

I find myself aimlessly pacing. There is plenty to do and yet I can't get my thoughts in enough order. My grandmother was admitted earlier this week on the thought that she suffered TIA or transient ischemic attack or mini stroke. Alex tried to explain it to me and I am normally pretty good at understanding the medical lingo but something about this particular lecture in medical diagnosis, because it was about MY grandmother, reduced me to a girl barely able to form the sounds necessary to go "uh huh" as he spoke. Turns out, however, that she actually suffered a full-blown stroke and there is a clot at the base of her brain that has doctors extra vigilant out of fear the clot will move and cause further damage. She is under the watchful care of those who love her because she is fortunate enough to be at a hospital that employs her {step}daughter and a group of women that have been friends of my aunt long enough to make them adopted family members.
5 months
Mamita with 5-month old me
Despite our worries, my grandmother is in great spirits and convinced she will be leaving the hospital soon. Maybe I should learn from her and try to spend more of my time feeling confident and thinking positively instead of thinking of all the ugly what ifs. She is getting the best care given the circumstances and all I can do is pray that instead of regressing, she progresses. If you pray, please pray for my family today and pray for strength and hope.


I Sing In The Kitchen said...

So sorry to hear this, Stephanie. I am thinking of you and your family. Keep strong and keep positive.

Christina said...

I hope your grandmother is okay and returns home soon. Thinking of you and your family.

La Cucina del Topino said...

I so sorry, I hope she gets well soon and return home. Have faith.

La Cucina del Topino said...

I am so sorry to hear thta your grandmother is at the hospital. Sometimes the love and caring we give to our family is the best medicine! Hope she returns home soon.