Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Happy Halloween!

This year Cati wanted to be the color blue and she wanted Elina to be the color green. She has also been asking for a blue tutu so I figured I could knock two things out at once. I made the tutus using this tutorial and I already can't wait to make more because it was so easy. How cute are these girls?

This is the first year Cati has been able to understand Halloween and she was especially happy about getting lots and lots of candy (I need to figure out a good hiding place!). Elina, my little trooper, slept most of the time. I hope you all had a great and fun Halloween!


Desi said...

Happy Halloween cuties! They look so cute in their blue and green tutus!!!

breedwoman said...

you're so creative! if my child would have said she wanted to be a color i would have told her walmart didnt make it!