Sunday, October 21, 2012

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The Color Run

Today was The Color Run in Miami, aka my fitness event for October. I woke the girls up earlier than I ever thought I would (5:45am), gave them a quick breakfast, and we were out of the house by 6:10am. Traffic to the event was horrible but what else can be expected out of an event that has over 9,000 participants?

We made it to the "festival" area by 7:25am and were in the 10th wave. Running this time went a little differently because I used my everyday stroller so that Elina could stay in her car seat and be covered by the rain cover while Cati stood on the wheelboard so she could enjoy the colors. This worked out perfectly because somewhere along the run Elina fell asleep and, because of all the people, Cati was not  interested in getting off the stroller to walk.

The run took place in Virginia Key and, while it was a nice area, running along a sewer plant made for an interesting run. Also, I think a good mile of the run was unpaved or dirt road so there were points where I couldn't run because of the stroller (Cati t even told me to walk because it was too bumpy!) and because I just couldn't fit in between people to keep on running. I made it to the end with both girls and am proud of my self-timed time of 39:32. Considering how much I walked my time wasn't too far behind the first 5K I did where I ran the entire thing.

{By the way, I recently timed my mile time and it was 10:22. A few of weeks ago my mile time was over 12 minutes. The Jeff Galloway program rocks my world!}

We ended up leaving early because Cati got scared after the color bomb (video below) and asked to go home. Lots of people, loud music, and powdered colors floating all around would scare me too if I were two years old. At least she did great for the run.

The run was so much fun and I cannot wait until my November fitness event, the Glow Run 5K. Here are fun pictures from our day:

Sleeping beauty

My running partners

Colorful Cati

Colorful Elina

My girls and me

PS The colors are hard to get out! To get the colors fully out you need multiple showers, lots of hand washing, and something to help scrub out the color. For the most part, the color came out of the clothes so I really can't complain.

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Desi said...

Looks like so much fun! I was interested in doing the Color Run in Cincinnati but didn't. I just may next year though. Love that last photo of you guys! Wow you are doing great, already signed up for a Nov run?!??! Proud of you!