Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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My First 5K

Running a 5K was one of the best and funnest thing I have done. My day started early and involved waking the girls up a good hour and a half before they would normally have woken up and I was afraid it would throw them off and make for cranky kids. The girls were such troopers and I learned that the trick to getting them to hang out in the stroller for as long as they did was lots and lots of snacks. Plus, a sweet and attentive older sister who loves singing and comforting her baby sister.

At first I was going to run a few minutes then walk a few minutes but I decided to try to run the whole thing. And I did it! I pushed and paced myself and I ran the whole thing. I was so proud of myself. I have never, ever ran that much in one stretch of time. I was sore afterward but it felt so good. I literally pushed myself and my girls and I ended the 5K exactly how I started: running. Getting the finisher's medal and seeing my time of 37:05 was amazing (update: official pace time was 11:57min per mile!). I did so much better than I thought I would and now I have a number I can improve upon.

Next up is The Color Run and, once again, I get to share that experience with my girls. I cannot wait!

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Desi said...

You are so cute! You go girl! Running the whole thing?! That sounds like hell lol. Can't wait to hear about the Color Run!