Saturday, November 17, 2012

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Elina: Nine Months

Dear Elina,

Happy nine months sweet girl. This past month has been one of the best months with you. I feel like I'm a little slow to the game but this past month is when I really felt bonded to you. I've always felt bonded to you but now I feel really confident in how you are growing and developing and I feel like you are my little buddy. Perhaps it was all the baby wearing on our first family vacation or us getting comfortable in our daily routine while Cati's in school. Maybe it was the smiles that great me throughout the day or the kisses or the coming to me when I call you or the giggles you spontaneously bust out in or your babbling and dinosaur hissing noises. Or maybe it was just reflecting on you reaching this inside-outside milestone where you have gone from two cells to a real person with a unique personality in 18 months.  Whatever it was, I am thankful. I am a late bloomer when it comes to motherhood, but this falling in love slowly is everything I could ask for and a dream come true.

You continue to develop and your achievements leave me in awe. You stand, you take assisted steps, you climb up stairs, you will try whatever food I put in front of you (you put your dad to shame!), you smile, you, laugh, you giggle, you play independently for a few minutes, you have a killer pincer grasp, and you love to play with your sister. Your mouth is full of five teeth and you have started letting me feed you pureed vegetables, even though I still need to give you something you can grab and chew. Bananas are your favorite fruit and you seem to really enjoy squash.

You're just a little person. More than anything this past month, you've just become more of a little person. I can watch you play for hours, watch you move things from hand to hand or to your mouth, watch you bang things and all I'm thinking is, "please keep playing so I can discover you some more." When you grabbed a toy and started giggling on your own I knew that you were on your way to being undeniably you, Elina Gabriela.

For the past nine months I have seen you grow from a tiny baby that fit snuggly in my arms to a big baby that climbs all over me and gives me wet kisses. It's hard to believe your first year of life is winding down, that soon you will be a toddler and these days of babyness will be behind us, but oh how I have enjoyed you.

Happy nine months Elina. I may not have done a great job at tracking your development or of taking pictures of you but know that I have loved you wildly and fiercely and that I have relished you without restraint.

Love always,

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