Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Seafood Lunch

A few weeks back Alex decided to treat me to a special lunch. I don't mean special in that it was expensive, I mean special in that it was so out of the norm for him. One of my biggest frustrations with Alex's eating habits is that he doesn't eat seafood. He doesn't like seafood because it tastes like the ocean. Ummm ok. He's had an occasional shrimp but that is the extent of his seafood eating. I don't make any seafood at home because (a) I just don't know how to prepare it and (b) I don't want to have to prepare a whole new meal for Alex just because I want seafood. As a result, I only eat seafood when I eat outside of the house. So when he mentioned going to Garcia's for lunch I nearly jumped out of myself. I have been wanting to go to Garcia's since before we even moved to Boston. I would have turned down the offer as I usually do (I get so guilt ridden thinking of him not having enough eating options at seafood restaurants), but I couldn't pass this one up. So we went, sat on the water, and ate seafood. Yes, we both ate seafood. Alex really did make this a special lunch :)

Never having been to Garcia's I didn't know what to expect of the restaurant. They have a reputation for having the freshest seafood around so I half expected it to be a fancy restaurant. Wrong. This is the type of restaurant that was made for locals and for people who enjoy hassle-free meals. There is nothing extravagant on the menu. There are no pretenses. It really is all about the food.

Look at that silly grin.
As soon as you sit down-we chose to sit by the water-they bring you water and a little cup full of some kind of fish dip. I was all over the dip. I ate my dip and Alex's dip. You would have thought I hadn't eaten anything in a week with how quickly I ate the dip. It was a perfect mash up of fish, lemon, and I'm guessing a mayo-cream cheese combination.
We both ordered the dolphin sandwiches and wow. The fish sandwiches were incredible and they had such a clean, unfiltered taste. They didn't taste fishy or like the ocean. All you tasted was the crispness of the white fish and the kick of the spices. The fish tasted like it was the child of a blackened and cajun union.
The sandwich came with a side of fries. The fries were your good ol' standard seasoned fries.
Garcia's is located at 398 NW North River Drive in Miami. They are open every day from 11am to 9pm and are definitely worth checking out.

The partial view of Downtown Miami is beautiful.


Johanna said...

yummy food! anytime i've been to miami it always was pouring down rain. nice photos.

Alexandria said...

Garcia's is one of my favorite restaurants, mostly because of that fish dip and the grouper sandwich. I'm glad you finally got to enjoy it!

Just don't go there at night. As you saw, it's in the ghetto! lol

Mary said...

child of a blackened and cajun onion....great comment...