Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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TWD: Sweet Potato Biscuits

Sometimes I think I am a bland person. Or maybe I just really like traditional things. When I saw that Erin of Prudence Pennywise chose Dorie's Sweet Potato Biscuits for us to bake this week, I was a little skeptical. Would it taste as good as a regular biscuit? I know it's different, but how would this biscuit compare? Making half the recipe answered this question, and while it was good, I'll take a regular biscuit any day over this one. The Sweet Potato Biscuit is sweet and doesn't have the same consistency as a regular biscuit. I honestly had trouble with what to pair the biscuit with and no matter what I paired it with Alex didn't like it. It was too sweet for us to have as breakfast and too sweet for us to have with dinner. I think this biscuit is a great alternative to regular biscuits if you are open to not having regular biscuits.

Thanks to Erin for this week's pick. Make sure to head over to her blog for the recipe and to the TWD site to read about everyone else's reactions to the Sweet Potato Biscuits.


Jen said...

I'd be skeptical too. But good for you for making them anyways and trying a new thing.

Clivia said...

Yours do look nice and flaky! I treated mine like cookies and made a cinnamon drizzle.

Melissa said...

It's interesting to try them, though, eh? Cuz I'd never have even attempted them if I wasn't part of this group. When I want my real biscuit fix, I go to Mom's. ;)