Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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TWD: Split Level Pudding

I came to a realization this week. One that was met with some serious questioning from Alex. What was my realization? I don't like pudding. I told Alex this and his response was, "But you've eaten pudding before." I told him he was correct but if he remembered I only took a couple of bites of the butterscotch pudding and the chocolate pudding and then left the rest for him. Then he asked me the question that has kept my mind occupied since I made the pudding, "Custards are similar, why do you like them?" I was stumped. I rambled off about egg-based versus milk-based but he didn't buy it and I wasn't satisfied. Why can I eat creme brulee for days but not pudding? I can barely make an argument based on consistency because the truth is, the consistencies of puddings and custards are similar. So it's a mystery and maybe this just goes into that category of weird likes and dislikes. Any explanations?

Aside from my general dislike of pudding, Alex loved this dessert. He is a huge fan of puddings and thought this one was "brilliant." He loved the two layers and thought they complimented one another perfectly. The rich ganache was a perfect match for the light vanilla pudding.

Thanks to Garrett Flavor of Vanilla for this week's selection. Make sure to check his blog for the recipe and don't forget to stop by the TWD site to see what everyone else thought of this pudding.

Finished pudding.
It really was a pretty pudding.


Clivia said...

I'd take creme brulee over pudding any day. Your pudding has firmed up nicely. Well done!

Eliana said...

Your version of this dessert looks fantastic. Great job.

Valerina said...

Great photos, Your pudding looks perfect! :)

Susan said...

Wow! Your puddings look delicious! Love the chocolate shavings on top.

TeaLady said...

Looks like it came out perfectly. Love the chocolate on top.

pinkstripes said...

Your pudding looks great! I'll eat yours if you won't... :P