Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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TWD: Chockablock Cookies

Three weeks in a row! Now I am really starting to get impressed. I couldn't resist participating this week because we were making cookies and I love to bake cookies. Mary of Popsicles and Sandy Feet chose Dorie's Chockablock Cookies. These cookies are full of things like nuts, chocolate, dried fruit, coconut, oats, and molasses. I was both impressed and concerned over the amount of things in these cookies. Impressed because this cookie was loaded with ingredients I wouldn't have thought to put together. Concerned because I was going to take out a lot of the ingredients to create a cookie we would eat. I added more butter instead of using shortening and omitted the dried fruit and coconut. The result was a cookie that kind of tasted like a chocolate chip cookie. I say kind of because the molasses gave the cookie a very distinct mocha-like flavor.
I couldn't tell if I liked or disliked these cookies. I had to eat a few before I was able to form a strong opinion about them. I like the cookies but I don't love them. Because I omitted the fruits my cookies had a lot of dough which made them ultra chewy and soft.
Make sure to stop by Mary's blog for the recipe and the TWD site to check out what everyone else thought about this week's selection.


Mary said...

Thanks for baking along with me this week. Your tiny baby is SO cute....I love seeing the updates on her and all her cute hair accessories!

Jencrafted said...

Your cookies look great! I agree, the hint of chocolate is pretty strong; I also had fruits and nuts in mine and I think they added some interesting contrasting flavor + texture.