Saturday, May 1, 2010

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Swim Model

The weather in Miami is becoming more and more perfect for the beach (or pool). I am working on getting myself back in bikini shape, but Cati is already in perfect shape for all her bathing suits. She's ready to show off all those delicious rolls. I'm waiting to get the go ahead from her doctor, but I am ready with her hats, sunscreen and tent. She has 3 bathing suits now and I have to stop myself from buying more. We are a big beach family and have been patiently waiting for her to be old enough so we can take her to the beaches we grew up on. Cati has two bikinis and one one-piece. Here are a few pictures of her in all her deliciousness...

This is her Gymboree one-piece. This bathing suit fits her the best. I love the booty ruffle!This is her Old Navy bathing suit. I love the big bow on the top and her yummy rolls. I don't think she knows how to feel about this one, but I think she looks adorable in a bikini.This is her Target bathing suit. This bathing suit is too big for her but I'm hoping she'll fit into by the end of the summer. The last picture captures her "I'm too tired for more pictures, mom!" face. I love having a daughter! Little girls are so much fun :)

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Laura Blaauwiekel said...

She's verry cute! I love the mini
swimsuit :)
Í'm now 5 months pregnant en we are havind a babyboy :D