Friday, October 22, 2010

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Cupcake Camp Update

A lot has been going on with Cupcake Camp Miami. Or at least I've been doing a lot to help the event become a success. Donations started off slow but things really kicked into gear this week. The donations are amazing and with each new one I get I feel elated and excited. The event is going to be a success in part because of the donations for the silent auction I have received from these businesses:

*A Cake in a Cup
*Bikram Hot Yoga Miami
*Breathtaking Memories
*by.Ivonne Cake.Love.Couture
*Contenti Cupcakes
*Cookies by Design
*Dharma Studio
*In Focus Studios
*Joanna's Marketplace
*Miami Children's Museum
*Simply Captivating
*Victoria's Design

There are a few more but I don't want to post about them until I've posted them on the Cupcake Camp Miami site first.

I am so happy with the response I have gotten from all the bakers. Everyone participating is incredibly nice and big proponents of spreading cupcake love. I can't get over the generosity of everyone involved. All the bakers have been incredibly patient with me as I put everything together. As much as I want the event to be a success for my own personal reasons, I want the event to be a success for everyone participating. All these professional bakers are participating in one way or another:

*2 Girls and a Cupcake
*A Cake in a Cup
*by.Ivonne Cake.Love.Couture
*Clarabelle's Cupcakes
*Contenti Cupcakes
*Cupcakes by Hilda
*Klassy Kakes
*Love Bites
*Sweetness Bakeshop & Cafe
*Sweet P Cupcakes
*The Cupcake Diva

I've learned so much from planning this event. I've learned a lot about myself, my city, and the baking community. To say that I am a surprised when it comes to certain aspects of the planning process is an understatement. I'm still trying to decide whether I even want to go into the specifics of things. If I do, who will I upset? Will I burn bridges or make new ones? Will people even care what I have to say?

There's a lot riding on the success of this year's event. Not only will its success mean good things for the charity, but it will also mean good things for the future of Cupcake Camp Miami.

Cupcake Camp Miami is in 12 days. Everything is coming together but there is still so much to do.

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