Saturday, October 9, 2010

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Lovey Dovey

Cati has a lovey. It's her little buddy and she turns to it whenever she's feeling upset or uncomfortable. It's the one thing that has made her able to sleep alone in her room. We are amazed at how connected she is to her lovey; we will place it in the corner of the crib and then lay Cati down in the middle of the crib and she will crawl toward and lay down with it. When she's upset in her crib I've seen her reach out for the rabbit hand and twirl it in her fingers until she calms down. When she wakes up in the middle of the night she will pet her lovey until she falls back asleep.

I love to see her with her lovey. She's just so sweet with it. There is, however, something gross about her lovey. She has sucked on the rabbit hand so many times that it's actually kind of stinky. She smells of the rabbit hand whenever I take her out the crib. It needs to be cleaned but I have no clue how to go about cleaning the lovey. Do I just rub it with a cloth? Do I put it in the washer?

Cati likes to sleep on the lovey. Most mornings and after most naps I find Cati sleeping on some part of the lovey with the rabbit hand within inches of her own hand.

Cati always pulls herself up when she's awake in her crib and sometimes she likes to bring the lovey with her. I've seen her on the monitor actually sitting in the crib with the lovey right in front of her and she moves the lovey around with her as she moves around the crib.

The best part though is finding that she has slept on the lovey and then has a red mark on her face from it.


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