Monday, May 2, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

What a week. Family is always on my mind but it was especially so this week. My grandmother, thankfully, has improved and was moved out of the ICU. Here's hoping to her continued recovery.

Cati was such a trooper with all the hospital visits. I am always amazed at how well behaved she can be in certain situations. Here we are in a hospital room and all she wants to do is run around and play. And like a "good" mother, every time she got cranky I distracted her with a cookie.

These are the fun developments of this past week:

"Booh" (Book). Cati learned how to say book! She loves her books and is constantly carting them around the house. I say "book" about 50 times a day so I was thrilled when she started saying it too.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.
Cati is getting better at knowing the different parts of her body. This week she learned nose and ears so now she knows head, ears, eyes, nose, belly, belly button,hand, and feet.

Oh my head! Every time Cati falls she touches her head as if she hit it, even if she didn't hit it. It's incredibly hilarious because she will fall, get up, and then come to me tapping her head.

Music Graduate. Cati's first semester of music class is done! She got a little certificate and I celebrated like the goofball mother that I am. All week I exclaimed my excitement about her little graduation and then laughed myself silly as I recounted the scene in The Incredibles where Bob and Helen are fighting about Bob not wanting to go to Dash's 4th grade graduation and Bob says, "They keep creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity." It's just music class and it doesn't really count for anything and yet I found myself recording when the teacher said and gave us her certificate.
Every now and then I am struck by the fact that MY child is in her SECOND year of life. My "baby" looks like such a big girl now and, while I don't miss that newborn/infant stage, I do miss my girl being small enough to rest in my arms without end and without my arms feeling like the soreness will never go away.

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Katrina said...

She really is growing up and is so cute!