Monday, May 9, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

Cati is such a joy to be around. She is a reminder that one should not spend their time sulking or sad. You can't exactly stay sad for long when she giggles or refuses to say Abuela because saying "moooo" is so much more fun. You have to keep moving forward because she needs you to; she needs to be fed, played with, entertained, bathed, put to sleep and she doesn't care if you are sad, worried, or otherwise mentally unavailable. Ahh, the joys of being a walking id!

These are the fun developments of the last week:

Kisses Goodbye. Whenever Cati hears you say bye, she immediately starts giving kisses. I don't know when this connection was made but it's the sweetest thing ever.

Ponytails are so in. Cati finally has enough hair for a ponytail! Her hair has been long enough for me to do the Pebbles look, but now I can actually pull her hair bag and put it into a ponytail. She looks like such a different child with a ponytail and I wish she would let her hair style like that for more than 10 minutes before wanting to yank it out of place.

Party in the crib. For some reason, Cati has gotten in the mood of playing in her crib. She will go to her room and try to climb in. Once in, she rolls around with her lovey and has conversations with them. It's so cute and such a contrast to how she would cry whenever I put her in her crib.

Meow. You ask Cati what noise a gato (cat) makes and she starts meowing. Her meowing sounds more like "umm" but it's still cute to see that she understands what another animal is and what noise it makes.

Chapstick is for lips. Or not. Cati loves chapstick and for the first time this week she actually put it on her lips. Then, she realized her tongue needed moisturizing too.

Cough cough. This is trick my mother-in-law taught Cati. Now whenever she coughs, she pats her chest. Smart girl.

Here's to another week of moving forward and not having enough time to look back!

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Desi said...

I love her monkey shirt! And I love her hair in a ponytail, even though it is just a profile of her... she is adorable! I can only imagine that that face brightens up any sad or frustrating day you may have! I can't wait to have babies one day :)