Saturday, June 2, 2012

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September to May

It's hard to really appreciate how much your child grows; the changes are all so subtle. The days turn into weeks and those weeks turn into months and it takes seeing pictures that marks two points of time to really understand just how much change has occurred. When Cati started school she was such a baby: her hair was shorter, she only had two teeth on the bottom, her gait was still wobbly, and she still had her fatty baby rolls. As the school year progressed she morphed into a little girl. This was all before our eyes yet somehow I missed this transition. Cati's hair is longer now, she has a full mouth of teeth, she runs and jumps, and she has stretched out all over. And what you can't see in these pictures is the explosion of language that solidified the fact that there is no going back and my first born baby is growing up.


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Desi said...

Oh wow what a transformation! That little cutie really is growing up fast! I can't believe there are that many changes in just several months :)