Friday, December 12, 2008

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That Time of Year...

It's holiday season! I have been stuck inside the house for the past two weeks so it hadn't hit me until recently that Christmas was coming up. I have seriously shut off the outside world in hopes of focusing on school but every day brings little reminders of the holiday season. First, there was the gingerbread house at the Prudential Center with Santa on it.

Then, there was the little bit of snow we got on Sunday and the lovely wintery mix we've had for the past few days. The snow made me want to open my windows and scream at the top of my lungs, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!"

Then, I pulled out my 2-ft fake tree and plugged it in so that I could get into the holiday spirit.

Then, we received the cutest card from the American Medical Association. I am a sucker for snowmen but I think I am an even bigger sucker for doctors, especially the ones that are tall, handsome, yummy, and named Alex.

The inside of the card really struck a cord with me. It didn't even say anything special. It was just wishing us a happy holiday filled with happiness and health. This year I have decided to not to do gifts and instead I am hoping to really enjoy my family and baking for them. So happiness and health are at the top of my wish list this holiday season.

Lastly, we bought a new ornament. We love penguins. We bought one last year so now we have a new penguin ornament to add to our budding collection.

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