Thursday, December 25, 2008

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A Tree With Character

I feel like I must apologize for all the holiday-related posts but I can't help it. The season has filled my bloodstream and I feel the need to share the spirit and joy with everyone. One of the things that brings me joy each year is looking through the ornaments on Alex's parent's Christmas Tree. It is so fun to discover someone else's family history as reflected through the ornaments. I know my mom's tree and the meaning behind her ornaments because I spent many years decorating a tree in her house, but something about hearing the story behind someone else's ornaments fascinates me. I think it's all about understanding what life was in Alex's family before I came along or maybe it's my own longing to do simple things now that will create beautiful memories I can look back on in 20-30 years. Here are some of the best ornaments:

Savi's (Brother in-law) first ornament

Alex's first ornament

Ornaments from the 80s

This ornament went up the year Abuelo died

The year dogs were officially introduced into the family

Perla :)

Check out the name arrangement pre-marriage...

...and now post-marriage.

In case you can't tell, I was in love with the ornaments from the 80s. They were my favorite ornaments on the tree because of their character. I have been so used to seeing ornaments made out of glass and these weren't. I love the holidays!!

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