Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Obsession of the Week

The nesting feeling has kicked in. Or if not, the compulsive and obsessive traits of my personality have kicked into high gear. For the past three or so weeks I have been obsessing over the baby's method of transportation. It seems like such a random thing to obsess over but it's what has been making me toss and turn at night. I figured the only way to have a decent night of sleep would be to take care of the transportation issue. I spent countless hours doing research and I went to a few stores (thanks Jen!). The two things that topped my list were a baby carrier and a stroller. I found a carrier I loved and bought it. The stroller was even more difficult because it involved a serious internal tug-of-war.

Before I was even pregnant Alex had fallen in love with a particular stroller. The man literally drooled over this stroller. After I became pregnant and the stroller obsession kicked in I knew I had to check out the stroller and see if it was worth it. I checked out the stroller among a slew of other strollers. Whatever stroller we got had to be functional, multi-purpose, and fit into our lifestyle. While our lifestyle has changed somewhat since moving to Miami, we haven't been able to let go of the lifestyle we had in Boston. Our house is in a great neighborhood and it's within walking distance to so many things. So the stroller would have to be compatible with our desire to use the stroller more for outdoors trips than mall trips. I looked into all strollers that I thought would fit into what we wanted. We read parent reviews and consumer reviews; you name it and we read it. We looked at quite a few strollers and after everything, Alex was more set on the dream stroller. I struggled because I knew the stroller would be a great fit for us and would meet our needs (and wants) but I wasn't comfortable with the price.

Even more sleepless nights followed. I continued my research and eventually found the stroller for a price that fit within our budget and that I felt comfortable with, and we bought it. We got the stroller and I am completely happy with it. All the parts are there and the best part is that I don't have any buyer's remorse :)

Mei Tai Carrier. I tried the carrier on with Perla. I wanted to get an idea for
how it felt with some real weight in it. It's super comfortable and the weight
is equally distributed throughout the back. It provides great support.
Bugaboo Stroller. Works like a dream, has a lot of practical functions
and uses, and has great resale value.

If you have any questions about my purchases or any feedback or have had similar experiences, I want to know. This baby stuff is so overwhelming and it's amazing all the mental loops you do for someone who isn't even here yet.

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Jess said...

I remember obsessing over baby purchases! It's amazing how quickly you end up packing most of it away. If you are ever looking for another baby carrier option, I loved the Peanut Shell, which a friend lent me.