Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Watch the Belly Grow

I will apologize in advance to anyone who doesn't want to see any pregnancy posts on this blog, but seeing how life altering this is, it's going to be hard not to post anything. Either way, I'll try to keep these types posts to a minimum since this is supposed to be a food blog. With that being said, I am utterly amazed at the human body and how it goes from been a cluster of indistinguishable cells to a unique individual. I am also amazed at how MY body is changing to accommodate the little growing individual inside me. Alex has said on multiple occasions that I am going to be a big pregnant lady and I honestly think he will be disappointed if I'm not waddling within the next 2 months. There seems to be some kind of guy pride thing going on here and he will only be satisfied if my belly has its own gravitational pull. He might just get his's the picture evidence:

4 weeks and some days

14 weeks and some days
I barely fit into my work pants (belly bands are the greatest invention ever!), a bit of belly shows through in almost any shirt I wear, and when I'm sitting all I see is roundness. I can't wait to see how much bigger and rounder I get :)


Leslie said...

First of all i would like to say i LOVE your blog~~i am addicted to food blogs, and have a ton of them that i follow, although i usually don't comment~~i wanted to comment now because of your apology for talking about your pregnancy~~i don't think you should apologize at all~~if the blog was about food only, it would say, "here's a recipe and a pic of the food"~~i read them because of the other interesting stuff that goes along with the food~~it's nice to see a glimpse of someone's life, and how it relates to their food~~i mean, you could do healthy baby recipes, weird cravings, homemade baby food, whatever~~i am almost 42, and just started trying to conceive~~i picked your blog first to read from my google reader BECAUSE of the pregnancy title~~so, you never know who's reading what~~congrats, and good luck with everything!

Mary said...

Don't apologize...I love the cute tummy pictures! One of my sisters just had a baby and one is 15 weeks pregnant so I am baby-liciously excited for talk of babies! I loved the apple cake too.

Katrina said...

It's so good and fun to photograph your expanding belly with pregnancy. It's your blog, put what you want on it!

Mom2Be said...

Cute belly! Congrats again! : )

Linda said...

Wow - my sincerest congrats to you for so many fantastic events in your life --- the new home and your pregnancy!!!! I'm sure you are so crazy busy, but I hope you're able to take time to enjoy the moment. Cant' wait to hear more in the upcoming weeks. :)