Monday, July 19, 2010

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At Least Someone Looks Good

I received the sweetest compliment today from my in-laws. I was told that I did a great job at always keeping Cati looking good. That made me feel good because I definitely put more effort into making her look good than I do in making sure I look good. Although I've lost my pregnancy weight and then some, I'm still struggling with my post baby body because nothing fits right. My skinny jeans have become my baggy jeans and my milk-filled boobs make my tops either too awkward (tight around the boobs and loose everywhere else) or too obscene (my cleavage should have its own designated state road). The bottom line is that my clothes does nothing but accentuate how much weight I've lost and how big my boobs have become. So dressing Cati in clothes that fits her beautifully makes me feel better about how un-cute I look and allows me to dress in her in clothes that would otherwise never get used. Because let's be honest here? Babies could easily spend their days in comfortable onesies or rompers or their PJs. But if I don't dress Cati up, then the clothes will just get packed away (I already get sad every time I pack anything away so I'm sure I'd be even sadder packing clothes away that she never wore). As a result, Cati gets dressed up every day even if it's 5 minute trips to the bank or supermarket. Here are her most recent outfits:

Today: Carter's dress

Sunday: First Impressions dress

Saturday: Carter's dress

Friday: United Colors of Benetton top, Old Navy pants

Thursday: Junk Food top, Old Navy jeans

Wednesday: Gap dress

Tuesday: Ralph Lauren romper

Monday: Carter's top and bottom

PS I take pictures of Cati daily. I could probably blog about her outfits every single day of the week. Then I'd really be a mommy blogger.

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Fallon said...

Keep up the great job!! She looks so cute. I would do the same thing if I had a girl!