Saturday, July 10, 2010

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This Week in Mommyhood

Why is it that every time you pack something away you mourn a little? Is it because that part of your child's life has come to an end and you can never go back to it? Or is it because you realize that your child is, indeed, growing up? I packed away a lot of Cati's clothes this week. It's amazing how much she has outgrown. It's even sadder to see the little outfits she only wore once put away. Cati has also outgrown her infant car seat. This one was particularly sad for me because I can still remember bringing her home from the hospital in that car seat. She was so tiny and vulnerable. In what feels like the blink of an eye, my little girl grew from a 7+ lb infant to a 16+ lb baby. She looks adorable in her new car seat and you can tell she's more comfortable in it, but it's still sad for me. Who would have thought I'd get so sentimental about a car seat?
Cati is trying so hard to sit on her own. She's been able to sit supported for a while, but now she's trying to sit on her own. She can actually hold herself in the sitting position for a few minutes before rolling to the side. I don't know if she looks cuter sitting on her own or sitting in the bassinet holding the sides (see below).
Cati has really found her sound. She loves to talk and makes the funniest noises. She also loves to laugh. Really laugh. Not just the "hah" sound of her first laugh, but a string of sounds that means she's cracking up.
Another development is that Cati can breathe through her mouth! I know this might seem pretty unexciting, but it isn't! Babies only breathe through their noses the first months of life; they don't know how to breathe through this mouths until later. The way we found out is because we heard breathing noises come out of her mouth and saw that she was able to breathe through her mouth if we pinched her nose (I swear, it was only for 5 seconds!). She's becoming more and more like a little person.
Cati has become really, really interested in her feet. She is so curious about them and when she realizes they are around, they immediately go into her mouth. It's hilarious to watch because she doesn't understand that the foot is attached to her and can only go so far into her mouth.
My boobs are revolting against me once again and I have had a clog for the past 3 days. I haven't changed anything about my pumping routine so I can't even explain why I have the clog. Let's just say it's really annoying and uncomfortable. I have to keep reminding myself that Cati is worth all the clogs and soreness and so much more.
Other than that, this has been a wonderful mommy week. I love being a mom more and more. My feelings of doubt regarding my mothering role seem like such a distant memory. Things really do get better with time but what I think really makes things better is having Cati become so interactive with us. She's such a beautifully happy baby and I couldn't be more thankful to be her mother.

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Jess said...

Such a cutie! You gave me a happy mom memory there because I have a picture of my own daughter sitting up on her own for the first time wearing the same purple checked outfit (or similar from Carter's circa 2005). Glad you are having fun!