Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Reviewed: Yogurt Bliss

I may just have a new eating obsession. I went to Yogurt Bliss this week and fell in love. It's an ice cream/yogurt lover's dream: ten yogurt flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, tart original to name a few) and 40 different toppings. From sauces to fruits to cookies to candy, the combination of cold confections are endless and you can create whatever combination you want. You pay by the weight ($.48 per oz) and it's worth every penny to get your cold dessert done your way. I went a little overboard and had 11.5 oz of vanilla yogurt topped with nuts, snickers, cookie dough, Hershey's syrup, hot fudge, and caramel (and yes I ate it all). It was sooo worth it!

Yogurt Bliss is located in Coral Gables at 1554 S. Dixie Highway.

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Eliana said...

I could very easily develop this into an obsession for myself too.