Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Video: Cute Overload

We went to visit Cati's "cousin" today and it turned into the cutest little playdate this side of the equator. Emma is two months older than Cati and it's amazing how much difference two months makes. Cati pretty much sat there, played (meaning: how can I get this toy in my mouth?) with the toys in front of her, talked to herself, and occasionally looked at Emma. Emma, on the other hand, was crawling, playing with all the toys (meaning: this toy makes a cool banging noise!), and trying to interact with Cati by touching her, reaching out for her, grabbing her, climbing on her, and getting thisclose to her face. I was mommy mush watching the girls together. I can picture them growing up together and being the best of friends. I love Emma's mommy very much and if Cati loves Emma half as much as I love Emma's mommy then I'll be one proud mom because then Cati will know the joys of true friendship.

PS Cati's pants totally make me think flower power!

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Eliana said...

super super cute :)