Monday, November 15, 2010

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Funny Things

If you ask Alex to list out things I do that drive him nutty, one of the things he'll probably tell you is my inability to get sayings correctly. The most recent example was when I said "kill one bird with two stones." He looked at me like I was not only out of my mind, but also without a mind. I laugh each time this happens and this last time I laughed even harder because I felt bad for the bird. This got me thinking about other funny things that have been said recently. Here's a list of my favorite funnies:

  • Not everything's black and blue: Courtesy of my mother-in-law. I forget what we were talking about but when she said this I couldn't help but giggle. Finally! Someone else who gets all screwy with sayings.
  • Don't have a cow fit: Courtesy of my father-in-law. This has to be my favorite thing he says and every time he says it I laugh. Cow fit just carries so much more weight than a simple "don't have a fit" or "don't have a cow."
  • Bugs Bunny!: I was watching an old home video of one of Alex (age: 2/3) and Savi's (age: 4/5) Easter mornings and before they got their goodies my mother-in-law asked who the goodies were from and instead of saying the Easter Bunny, Savi said Bugs Bunny. Kids really do say the darndest things. 
  • They roll! Part One: It's been a while since Alex changed a poopy diaper. He changed Cati's diaper this weekend and was surprised by the shape and consistency of her poop. In trying to pick up her diaper, poop rolled out. This caused Alex to exclaim "They roll!"
  • They roll! Part Two: Another diaper change and Alex was still reeling about the previous poopy diaper. He was just saying how he had to be careful with Cati's diapers because her poop rolls when he lost his grip on the diaper, it opened, and the poop rolled onto his jeans and the floor. I don't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did. 
I have to keep thinking about these funny things today because I'm having a grumpy day. I'm bummed out over things that happened this weekend and I don't even feel like baking. I feel like I have just enough energy to help me get through a day of caring for Cati.


Eliana said...

Ha ha ha - too funny!

vickdn said...

Ha that's hilarious! Poor bird, gettin hit with all them stones :)

Didn't know poop rolled.... you learn something new everyday I guess lol

I hope your day gets better!