Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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The past few days have been a whirlwind. As I check things off my to-do list and look at all the boxes, bags, and envelopes that will be filling up my car tomorrow I am amazed. And scared. Cupcake Camp Miami is tomorrow and I have done everything I can do. I can't believe I organized a cupcake charity event all by myself. With a very curious and very tactile baby. I can't believe I actually managed to meet my goals.

When I decided to organize this event back in August my goals were simple: 10 bakers, 20 silent auction items, 100 attendees. Tonight, I am faced with an event that will have 16 bakers, 22 silent auction items, and over 150 attendees. I was lucky enough to have a group of bakers that were incredibly patient with me as I tried to figure everything out. They all agreed to participate without knowing what their contribution would be and they all made it through my unbelievably long emails.

The past few months have been about me: me organizing the event, me getting bakers and donors to participate, me designing and creating everything. Tomorrow it will be about the cupcakes. Planning this event is like planning a wedding, except you have to try harder to get people to participate because you aren't paying them and the day isn't about you. I've had to let go of some of my personal biases in order to do what's best for the event.

I want this event to be a success so bad. I want it to be a success for purely selfish reasons; this event is my baby and I want everyone to like it. I want it to be a success for the bakers; this event is about them sharing their cupcakes with others. I want it to be a success for the attendees; they are all coming because of the cupcakes and I want them to stuff their faces silly with them. More than anything, I want this event to be a success for Make-A-Wish®. I am doing this event for them and for the wish of some child out there. How cool is it to think that just because a few people got together to eat cupcakes a child who, in their short years, has probably undergone more than some of us will undergo in our entire lives will get their wish granted?

So tomorrow is the big day. Today I am exhausted and am having trouble formulating my thoughts and articulating my words. I know not all will be satisfied and there will be things to criticize but I have done my best and I can do no more. The event is already a success in my eyes. Tomorrow is just the icing on the most exquisite cupcake ever.

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Eliana said...

Good luck with everything tomorrow :)