Monday, April 9, 2012

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This Week in Mommyhood

Nothing too exciting happened with Elina this past week, but Cati has been the source of constant laughs and moments of awe. You really don't appreciate language until you are faced with a person learning how to talk. Cati is not only repeating everything we say, but she is also like a narrator. Everything we do is followed by a question from her so if I'm cleaning, Cati will ask "mami sta limpiando, cierto?" It's cute but I feel like I'm living in a movie or something.

Here are the other fun developments this week:

Budding Imagination.
Cati's imagination is reaching new heights. This week she was all about putting diapers on her stuffed animals because they peed or pooped too much.

Miss Independent
. So much of what we hear around here is "sola" ("alone") because Cati is at a stage where she wants to do everything by herself. She likes to walk down the stairs by herself and dress herself.

Hair Sharing. At some point this week I told Cati I wish I had her hair. Cati, with her awesome imagination, pretended to pull out a piece of hair and then handed it to me. She then gave Elina and her bunny hair too.

Oh My God! By far my favorite story this week is when Cati learned how to say "oh my God." It was during bathtime when her dirty feet left a trail in the tub. One day I said "oh my God" in an exaggerated tone and the next day she did. I love her little voice and how it sounds like "oh my gahh."

Like a Hispanic Woman. One of my biggest annoyances with having a baby is how all the Hispanic women in Miami assume the baby is crying because she's hungry. Cati became that woman when Elina was crying and she said, "Elina sta llorando. Necesita comida." How she made that connection is beyond me but it's impressive nonetheless.

Drooling. Elina started drooling this week. Now when she's awake there's always bubbly saliva oozing out of her mouth. Let the tooth watch begin!

Sleeping Saga. At 7 weeks Elina is already a better sleeper than Cati. She had been giving me a 5-hour stretch at night but on Saturday, Elina slept from 8pm-4am and then from 4:15am or so until 7:30am. Waking up once a night to eat is a blessing but sleeping that long of a stretch is a miracle. I hope this continues!

We did our Easter festivities on Saturday because Alex worked on Sunday. My mother-in-law told Cati about the Easter Bunny and eggs so Cati was looking forward to the egg hunt. The joy on Cati's face when she saw all the eggs was priceless. The girl was smiling, squealing, and dancing around in circles.
Cati is 2 years, 7 weeks old and Elina is 7 weeks old. I cannot wait to see how these girls interact with one another the older Elina gets.

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