Sunday, April 22, 2012

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This Week in Mommyhood

The big event this week was Elina turning two months old. I can't believe it's already been two months. I'll be planning a first birthday party in no time! I'm not only amazed by how quickly time has passed, but also with how much Elina has changed in such a short amount of time. So many times this week I would look at her tiny, baby body and try to soak it in because she's going to have a big girl body like Cati sooner than I care to admit. Aside from wishing for more sleep, things could not be better.

Here are this week's fun developments:

Elina Gabriela. As if I didn't love Elina's name enough, I love it even more now because Cati has taken to calling her by both her first and middle name. When Cati isn't calling her "hermanita," she calls her Elina Gabriela.
Kids Say the Darndest Things. My boobs are huge. I will just come out and say it. They were big before pregnancy, bigger during pregnancy, and huge after pregnancy with the breastfeeding. Cati found one of my bras and seeing how big the cup was thought it was a hat, said so, and then proceeded to wear the bra on her head.

Little Reader. Cati's interest in books has reached a whole new level. Everyday before nap and bedtime we read books. Usually it's me reading her books, but lately she's gotten into wanting to read me the books. Her favorite book to read is a nursery rhyme one and I love to hear recite the rhymes.

Happy Baby. Elina really likes to smile. The girl smiles all the time and I was told a couple of times this week that I had a happy baby. I had rough starts with my kids but they both have ended up as such happy children. I must be doing something right.

. Elina got her ears pierced at her two month appointment. Her ears were pierced at the same time Cati's were and, just like with Cati, I'm amazed at how something like earrings changes the way the baby looks so much. I spent the entire day staring at Elina amazed at how much older and girlier she looked because of the earrings.

Sleep Saga. After blissfully sleeping through the night last week, Elina has been waking up once at night. If you have kids you know how huge this is. I am stunned that Elina is sleeping this well at this point because Cati was still waking up every 2-3 hours at this point. This past week nights have looked like this: sleep from 8:30pm-3:30am, wake up to eat, and then sleep until 7:30am or so.

Here's to another week of surviving motherhood and of being thankful for the blessing of two equally beautiful, but dramatically different children. Being a mother to these girls gets better and better each day.

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