Thursday, April 16, 2009

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These days my brain is mush. The best example of my brain mush is that I ran out of sugar. Can you believe I ran out of sugar??? I couldn't believe it myself. I nearly fell to the floor in my kitchen, cried, and got into a fetal position because I couldn't believe I was out of sugar. First, I ran out of butter and eggs and now I'm out of sugar. I'm a disaster. Here's a breakdown of why I have a mush brain:

8 days until my last class
13 days until my first final
27 days until my last final and the end of my first year of law school
31 days until Alex graduates
38 days until we are back in Miami

I have way too much going on right now. I am mentally exhausted from all this counting down. I might just lose my brain as its mushiness slides out of my ears.

What recipes can you make without sugar?


Eliana said...

Stress seems to be a part of everyone's life right now. If you have sweetenzed coconut, you would make coconut macaroons.

Alexandria said...

Wow, sugar now too! How about breads? Any breads you can make without sugar?

City Girl said...

O-M-G - you are my hero. You write this awesome fun blog and you are a first year law student. I spent most of my first year of law school studying, curled up in fetal position and upset, or doing yoga to avoid studying or the fetal position. I could never have pulled off writing a blog - though in hindsight, I should have tried - it might have kept me saner. Go you! I had assumed you were a 3L this whole time (by 3L I was passably human again). Ps - are you transferring law schools too on top of everything else?

Megan said...

Quick - plug your ears so your brain doesn't slide out!

No sugar? I would definitely fall on the floor and cry.

I ran out of eggs once.


Elyse said...

You'll do great. Law school exams are the worst, but having your first year over is the best feeling ever. I actually transferred law schools to be with my's difficult to move in the middle, but totally worth it :)

Stephanie said...

I am definitely transferring law schools. I am scared but I'd rather be happy in Miami with Alex than miserable in Boston alone.