Friday, April 17, 2009

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Today it dawned on me that I am a survivor. I had my very first oral argument today. I was scared out of my mind. I thought about telling my teacher to have a paramedic outside of the moot court room door just in case I fainted. As I was standing at the podium I could barely hear myself because all I could hear was the shaking in my legs. Those were the quickest 8 minutes of my life. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and the teacher gave me great feedback. I was happy to have survived my oral argument without needing medical attention. I was even happier when I realized that I am completely done with my legal writing course for the year. That's another thing I survived that I didn't think I would. The biggest accomplishment today was wearing a suit all day and feeling like a grown-up.
As I walked home today I noticed something different about the city. People were out. In shorts. What??? Yes, you read correctly. People were outside in shorts in the city of Boston. Spring is officially here which means I survived the longest winter of my life. The city looks gorgeous now with all the trees and flowers blooming. This is my favorite time of year because the city feels so alive, vibrant, energetic, and colorful.
I heard back from Perla's vet and it turns out she is on her way to being a normal dog again. They did bloodwork on her to count her platelets and her platelets are at a normal range now. She has to stay on medication for a few months, but other than that, she is a happy and healthy little poodle. She survived this health scare and I survived my feelings of helplessness and confusion in not knowing what was wrong with her. These are her I-know-you-have-treat- and-you-better-give-them-to-me look.


Megan said...

Hey you look great! So professional!

And congrats on surviving your first argument.

Mermaid Sweets said...

Congrats - I still feel like I will need medical attention when having to argue in court (why did I become a litigator again?). And congrats on your legal writing class - those can be grueling.

Elyse said...

Aww, you look great! I'm sure you did fabulously. I LOVE oral arguments--I get super sick to my stomach before, but then, as it happens, it's a total rush. I'm so glad it went well for you!! Are you in law school?? I'm a 2L. Can't wait to be done... So glad Perla is going to be okay!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you! I am so proud on myself for surviving my first oral argument.

Elyse, I am in law school. I'm a crummy 1L lol.

Eliana said...

Horray for Perla. She's so cute.