Saturday, April 4, 2009

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Remember when you used to look forward to taking flights? When you didn’t have to go through the hassles of security check? When you actually got a meal on a flight? I miss those days. Now, you have to go through the mental agony of thinking about whether or not something is allowed on a flight and whether or not you forgot to wear decent socks (I hate taking my shoes off when I go through security...ugh). Traveling has become so stressful. You have to get to the airport super early and deal with the few airport staff that are having a bad day. Then you have to wait for your flight, which is most likely delayed, and you have to stress out over there not being enough overhead space. Then, the food/drink you get on the flight doesn't help....
I bet the world, and traveling, would be better if we went back to the days of real meals on flights. I know I'd do a lot of things for good food and the least we can get for the stress of traveling is good grub.


Elyse said...

YES! Thank you. I want real meals back, too!! Can we start a coalition for this?

Eliana said...

Yes. Traveling is pretty annoying right now. I try to sleep through it to avoid it as much as I can.