Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Obsession of the Week

My obsession this week is a foodie one. Have you heard of Jamba Juice? Jamba Juice is a smoothie place and they make some of the best smoothies on this continent. The smoothies are thick, creamy, and oh so fulfilling. I first discovered Jamba Juice at my undergrad because there was a location on campus. My preferred smoothie? Peanut Butter Moo'd. I love the combination of the chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas. Yum!

I wish I had 5 blenders...sigh


Eliana said...

My little sister got a job there once and developed her own obsession with Jamba Juice. I stayed away because I have an addictive personality.

Jessica Tyler said...

omg, that is the best place EVER!!! The closest one to me is 3 hours away, so I tend to not hit it up very often. BUT, when I lived in Hawaii, there was one on the way home from work - it was SOOO hard not to stop! My fave was always the strawberry banana one.

pinkstripes said...

I love peanut butter moo'd too, but the calories are horendous! I go through phases with Jamba Juice, where I will go a whole lot and then not go for a long time.

Elyse said...

Mmm, I love smoothies. Especially jamba juice smoothies. I haven't had one in a number of years, but I may just have to run out and get one now.

Stephanie said...

I try to ignore the calories lol. It isn't fair that a smoothie that good is so calorie rich