Saturday, April 18, 2009

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Cheesecake Factory Obsession

I love Cheesecake Factory. I love that their menu is huge and full of variety. I love them even more after our most recent trip. We went for lunch on Easter Sunday and ordered the corn fritters. OMG these babies are the freakin' bomb! I thought it was completely inappropriate of me to be enjoying these fritters as much as I did. They tasted like corn casserole dipped in batter and fried until golden. It was fritter perfection. These babies were served with a chipotle-like sauce. And yes, these babies deserve two pictures...
Other than this food perfection we had sandwiches. I went with the Grilled Chicken & Avocado Club. The sandwich was huge and I felt bad not being able to finish it. The sandwich was loaded with ripe avocados, strips of crispy bacon, melted swiss cheese, and a big, juicy grilled chicken breast. I had been craving this sandwich and it totally quenched my craving.
Alex ordered the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich also had a big piece of crispy chicken breast. Alex ordered the sandwich with chipotle pepper mayo because he loves chipotle mayo. The crispyness of the sandwich was a perfect match for the spicy creaminess of the mayo sauce.


Elyse said...

I ADORE cheesecake factory, too. So delicious! I'm a huge fan of their tamale cakes. You've got to try them. And the buffalo blasts are awesome. Looks like you got some awesome food. I can't wait to try the corn fritters!

Mermaid Sweets said...

i LOVE this place - to die for. I have a funny story about the first time I went there with my hubby back when we first started dating - but better shared off line - how's that for a secret??? Ha ha