Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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Accomplished & Celebrate

I am so happy for today. I took an online class this semester so I wouldn't fall behind in school and I took the final exam today. I am officially done with the semester. First of all, online classes are a lot harder than I expected because of the discussion board requirements. Secondly, even though I had doubts about my ability to take an online class while also caring for a toddler and newborn, I am so glad I took the class. I feel so accomplished! My course on community consultation is over and I am one step closer to becoming a marriage and family therapist. Go me!

Now I want to celebrate by reading another good book (I just finished The Fellowship of the Ring) and drinking my favorite beer:  Sea Dog's Wild Blueberry Ale. I first got turned onto blueberry beer when we lived in Boston. I used to go to Beer Works in Fenway and order their blueberry beer. At first, it was because I got a kick out of seeing little blueberries floating around in my drink. After that, however, it was because the beer was refreshing and actually tasted like blueberries (minus the tartness). I've tried other blueberry beers since and some have been real doozies. One even tasted like it was plain beer mixed with blueberry sauce. Gross.
So tonight I pray both my girls sleep well because tonight will the first night in what feels like ages that I can sleep without a deadline breathing down my neck. Cheers!

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