Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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This Week in Mommyhood

This past week has been busy. I don't know if it's nightmares or teething or the little cold Cati had but she hasn't been sleeping well. There were nights she woke up more than Elina and the worst part is that she wakes up crying hysterically. I feel so bad for her. On top of that she's been really attached to me, which can obviously be problematic when I have Elina to care for also. I keep trying to tell myself that in a few years she won't want me as much and to take advantage of how easy it is to comfort her but sometimes I just really need a break.

Here are the other fun developments from this past week:

Baby Laughs. Elina started laughing! It sounds more like "hah" and it's one of the best sounds in the world.

Rolling Expert. Elina has become an expert roller. She will roll onto her belly whenever she gets a chance. This kind of freaked me out a bit because she has started to sleep on her belly in the swaddle. I tried to take the swaddle away cold turkey but she still needs to be swaddled in order to go to sleep.

Nails. I'm on the side not minding if Cati paints her nails while Alex is on the side of not liking it at all. Cati likes to see my nails painted and, most of the time, I indulge her in "pinta uñas" with a clear coat of nail polish. Well, last week I got my nails done and Cati was fascinated by the color and she sat in my lap in hopes of getting her nails painted. I let her get her nails painted because I figured the polish wouldn't last more than a few hours between her picking at the color and Alex wanting to remove it right away. Now, I will admit the color is too much for a little girl but she looked so cute.

Baptism. We baptized Elina this past week. I wanted to do it while Alex was on vacation and I also wanted to do absolutely nothing for it. Cati's baptism was such a production; the baptism was private, over 70 people were invited, there were flowers, cupcakes, a decorated cake and mementos. I didn't want any of that so Elina's baptism was the complete opposite. She was baptized along with four other kids, there were only 13 of us, and we had a no-fuss lunch. All I did for this baptism was make a menu and it was wonderful!
 photo 1

Favorite Moment of the Week: Cati doing Alex's hair.
I hope Cati feels better this week because Alex is home. I hate when she gets really attached to me because I hate how she rejects those who want to spend time with her.


Desi said...

I love that nail color! And love that last pic :)

breedwoman said...

can you tell i'm behind in my reading???
SO i love that you do her nails... i do K's. It's just nail polish... if you start letting her wear belly shirts and lipstick i'll question you... nail polish totally fun!
I do K's toes all the time, I want to take her to get her fingers done soon!