Monday, May 21, 2012

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This Week in Mommyhood

Aside from turning three months old, the big event last week was Elina rolling from back to belly! My little baby is on the move. I was like a cheerleader every time she rolled and I even got Cati excited about it. It's so crazy to think that she's on her way to becoming mobile. I can't imagine having two moving children. Each week I say that Elina is becoming more and more of a baby and it's things like this that remind me that each week she is getting closer and closer to being a toddler. We look at Cati and she looks like such a little girl that we wonder when the heck that happened. I'm going to blink and we'll be saying the same about Elina. Here's one of many videos:

Here are the other fun developments this week:

Baby. Everyone around here has multiple names. To Cati, Alex is daddy, papi, and babe when he doesn't respond to the first two. In addition to being called hermanita and Elina, Cati calls Elina "baby."
Spanish. I'm trying really hard to keep up with the Spanish speaking in our house. For the most part, Cati only gets spoken to in Spanish and whenever she says something in English that I know she knows the word for in Spanish I'll ask her to say the word in Spanish. One day this week she reversed things on me and when I said the word "green" Cati asked me how to say it in Spanish. 

What's That? I love Cati's inquisitiveness and how she asks "What's that Mami?" for almost everything.

Little Ham. Cati finally likes the camera and she actually smiles for the camera! What cracks me up the most are the faces she makes. She's such a goofy kid.

Hairdresser. My favorite moment of the week came when Cati told me to sit on the floor so she could do my hair. Before this she asked for the blue comb. I sit down, take my hair out of its bun, and Cati proceeds to comb my hair. "Mami tienes mucho nudos" is what she says and as she tries to comb them out she constantly checks in with "Mami estas bien?" and "Mami you ok?" Then she starts making a shhh sound like she's spraying my hair and she starts talking gibberish.

Here's to surviving another week in mommyhood!


Anonymous said...

Hello. I´m a Psychologist and sometimes I walk around you´re blog because I´m also a mother who needs inspiration for cooking.
I think it´s remarkable that you are trying to teach you´re children Spanish. I don´t know if you know but studies that were elaborated have showed that children can learn two languages at the same time (beginning when they are born) and the child may have a few problems at first and be slower by learning them at once than other kids but when they do they have a full understanding of both languages like they both where their mother language. and one thing that can help them is having a rotine (like in the morning speaking english and afternoon speaking spanish, or with one parent only speaking english and with the other only speaking spanish) - that can help them to separet both languages without confusing them.

If you want to learn more about this you can search the studies or you can take an apointment to a pediatrician or a psychologist.

I´m actually Portuguese and I was born and grow up in Swiss, right know my son already learned both languages and he´s speaks both well.
So I know not only from books but also from experience


Desi said...

This post made me giggle... Cati cheesin for the camera. Elina's video. and the hairdresser story. It's fun to imagine what little ones are thinking and saying in their own gibberish language. Oh, she's growing up!

Desi said...

BTW I love when you speak in Spanish! It sounds beautiful! I tried to take a Spanish class once but the professor was going way too fast for me. I want to learn though!