Friday, June 27, 2008

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And I Cry...

As I stuff my face with all the foods that I have been craving for the past 6 months.

Living in Boston has made me learn to appreciate all the good food I took advantage of when I lived in Miami. Boston has a great dining scene and you can get a variety of foods from all different parts of the world, but there are still things in Miami that I just can't get in Boston. Not only did I experience culture shock when we first moved to Boston, but I also experienced food shock. I honestly thought I could get all the same things (or at least similar) I ate in Miami in Boston. I was so wrong. In Miami you have a huge Spanish, particularly Cuban, influence on food while Boston has a more international approach to food. One of the things that I find myself constantly craving is Natural Chicken Grill. This place is great for food on the go and, like any place with Spanish influences, the servings are huge. My favorite thing to order from here is their South of the Border Chop. This chop is full of diced up grilled chicken, yellow rice, guacamole, sour cream, and cheddar cheese. This is then topped with a yellow mustard curry sauce that is nothing like the curry sauce you get at Indian/Thai restaurants.

The next time you are in Miami I definitely recommend going here and trying one of their chops. You will not regret it. As for me? Let me wipe away my tears and keep on chewing...

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